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Surge Protection Plugs

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Ellies FBWP High Surge Protection Plug

Make: On-Track24
Model: FBWP
Product Code: FBWP
R 110

Additional Information

Don’t risk losing your valuable equipment through a surge, protect it with the Surge Pro Plug. Lowest clamping voltage is 300 volts, (the voltage level at which the surge is stopped and is dropped to a safe level). Where other surge protectors clamp between 700 and 800 volts. Absorbs up to 16 500 Amps on live and neutral and up to 13 000 Amps on earth.

  • Insurance compliant.
  • Tested to the highest South African standards.
  • Quicker reaction time ensures full protection from power surges.
  • Surge Safe Plug has a built-in mains tester.
  • Check that the wiring in the wall socket is safe to use.
  • Shows if the surge protector is working correctly.
  • Protects 1 appliance only.
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