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Sound Quality Range

Although Soundmatch has helped our clients win numerous SPL competitions and make some serious noise in the process, we also appreciate the joys a good sound quality fitment can bring.

We stock leading brands in the audiophile space including the likes of Polk Audio and its marine certified range of speakers.

Polk Audio was started in 1972. Click here to find out more about Polk Audio and why it's one of the leading high-end sound quality brands in the world,

Polk Audio boasts a massive range of compact digital amplifiers, powerful subwoofers providing crisp tight bass and sensational components that will make your ears tingle with delight.

We recommend you consider using Stinger cables (or an alternative high quality cabling brand) when fitting Polk audio components as only the very best cables is good enough for the very best speakers.

Feel free to drop us an email if you are looking for more information on Polk Audio products or click here to find out more about Polk Audio: